Lie #3 – “I don’t have time”

Lie #3 - "I don't have time."

Written by Kyrsti Snyder

I help busy stay-at-home moms, like yourself, earn passive income around your chosen schedule. Never again forfeit time with your kids!

May 25, 2022

Welcome to the 3rd part of the lies moms are telling themselves when it comes to making money online. In the first two parts, moms are saying “we can’t afford it,” and “we don’t know how to do it.” The 3rd part of this lie trilogy is, “we don’t have enough time to do it”. Well, I’m about to debunk that lie, so prepare to be shaken.

Time is neither a friend nor a foe, it is simply a resource that you need to manage, or you lose it forever. While many moms feel overwhelmed about how “little” time they feel they have to juggle from motherhood to being a wife, I know a lot of moms who are crushing it. Not only that, they even manage to squeeze in a few hours of each day for their passion, their goals, and their personal space.

While it may be a cliche to say, “if they can do it, so can you,” there’s no phrase that’s more apt than that. We all have 24 hours each day. The only difference is the discipline and focus you are exerting in line with those hours. What you will learn today is the key to properly managing our time to make room for all the things you set your heart to pursue.

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“Time is a choice. Time is a priority.” – Kyrsti Snyder

In This Episode:

  • This is the thought most moms can relate to as their heads hit their pillows at night…
  • The truth about time that moms need to face and accept
  • These are the reasons why some moms succeed in managing their time while other moms don’t
  • Learn how to spend your time in “chosen priorities”
  • Find out why moms resort to the excuse of not having the time as a reason why they’re not making money online
  • Understand the correlation between your results and how your time is being utilized
  • This is what you get in return if you start treating your online business as a scheduled and important routine
  • Every time you make the excuse of not having the time to pursue your goals, check in with yourself and probe for what matters more: being right or having results
  • Identify the culprit for messing up your time

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