Lie #2: “I don’t know how”

Lie #2: "I don't know how"

Written by Kyrsti Snyder

I help busy stay-at-home moms, like yourself, earn passive income around your chosen schedule. Never again forfeit time with your kids!

May 25, 2022

This is the second part of the trilogy featuring the lies moms are telling themselves about why they’re not making money online. “We simply don’t know how.” That’s understandable, everyone was once a beginner at some point in their lives, including motherhood. What I don’t understand is why moms decide to get stuck with not knowing and refuse to do their part to learn what they don’t know.

There’s a possibility that you may not want that thing enough for you to do whatever it takes to have it. It could also mean that your fears are greater than your dreams. If that is the case, there’s no point in pressing forward. But, you are here right now, and you want to listen more. It’s a positive sign that says, “I want to learn how”. And sometimes, it only takes that one small step, one slight shift in mindset, to change your life for good.  

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“It’s in doing that thing that we learn to do it.” – Kyrsti Snyder

In This Episode:

  • Learn the process of learning something you don’t know then leverage that learning to contribute financially to the world
  • Understand how raising children is akin to starting a business
  • This is the only way that things can change for you as a mom, financially…
  • How you show up as a mom is the same that you should show up to your finances
  • These are the things that bring moms a lot of discomforts 
  • Find out why starting over is uncomfortable and the ways to overcome the discomfort
  • Toss your insecurities aside and learn how to be comfortable with the uncomfortable
  • Action cures fear, and this is how it works…

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