Lie #1: “I can’t afford it”

Lie #1: I can't afford it

Written by Kyrsti Snyder

I help busy stay-at-home moms, like yourself, earn passive income around your chosen schedule. Never again forfeit time with your kids!

May 25, 2022

This is Episode 2 Part 1 of the lies we, moms, find ourselves confronted with when it comes to making money of our own. I, too, had my fair share of lies and excuses but they never got me closer to where I wanted to go. It was only when I decided to be honest with myself that I found the path toward the kind of life that, for a long time, only resided in my mind.

The first step is to go back to when we were kids. We made up a few lies here and there either to get away with what we wanted or to run away from the consequences of our misguided actions and decisions. We took that into adulthood and became accustomed to it, so much so that we can even bury our greatest fears and insecurities through these lies.

Unfortunately, this habit is not helping us achieve the life we dream to live. We want financial freedom and success, we want to make money online just like other moms out there, so why aren’t we doing it? The answer is simple: because we think and believe that we can’t. We weave lies after lies just to validate that belief. It’s only when we decide to get to the bottom of why we lie and how we can leverage the money we have now (no matter how meager that is), that we can start our journey to financial abundance. 

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“Things get bad financially because you keep thinking, assuming, and affirming that you cannot afford it.”

– Kyrsti Snyder

In This Episode:

  • Recognize the lies mamas tell themselves about making money 
  • Go back to the origin of your lying habit and why you had to do it
  • These are the exact problems moms are faced with when trying to make money online 
  • This is the easiest lie to use and why moms love to use it
  • Realize how your thoughts, your self-doubts, and the stories you tell yourself mold your financial reality
  • Understand the difference between putting a period on “I can’t afford it” versus a question mark on “How can I afford it?” and never look at your child with sorry eyes, ever again
  • If financial abundance is NOT about the money you do or do not have, then what is it about?
  • Understand why moms find it easier to spend outside of themselves than on themselves, and why this habit needs to be reversed

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