Imposter Syndrome: Moms’ Silent Killer

Imposter Syndrome: Moms’ Silent Killer

Written by Kyrsti Snyder

I help busy stay-at-home moms, like yourself, earn passive income around your chosen schedule. Never again forfeit time with your kids!

June 16, 2022

Do you know what real strength is? It’s the ability to block off the demons in your head that tells you, “you can’t”. As a mom, you carry the torch of strength no man is brave enough to carry. You held it from the moment you chose to embrace motherhood and became a bearer of life and light in this world. So, why do you cower when the universe calls you to take a stand and claim back your power? 

It’s because of this imposter that comes crawling at your bed like a thief in the night when you’re bone-tired and weary. Seconds before you close your eyes, it whispers a lie you desperately believe because believing it is less taxing than believing otherwise. Contradicting it would mean stepping out of the safe zone and embarking on the unknown, and that is scary! But here’s something I need you to remember: “A ship in harbor is safe, but that is not what ships are built for.”

“Are you allowing your 36-inch jump to happen  or are you stopping yourself cause that’s what others do?” 

– Kyrsti Snyder

In This Episode:

  • Learn the top 2 reasons moms hold themselves back from making money online
  • Realize what triggers the impostor syndrome to come out and how to block it when it starts to crawl out
  • Understand what the flea analogy is about and how it applies to moms who hold themselves back from building financial independence
  • These are the concepts you need to pay attention to if you want to be a good mom who radiates confidence and abundance
  • Hear these questions and decide once and for all if you would be a mom with imposter syndrome dictating your future or a mom who is empowered

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